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open thursday through saturday
4:30 - 'til
1545 overton park, 38112
reservations for parties of 6 or more




gazpacho 7
red & green peppers, tomato puree, mixed onions, garlic, Spanish oil & sherry vinegar 

ajo bianco 10
chilled almond & garlic soup with cucumbers, green grapes, anchovy & sherry vinegar


shrimp ceviche 18
shrimp, jalapeño, red onion & mango

octopus 21
gulf coast octopus, heirloom tomatoes, cucumber, sweet peppers, jerk & soy dressing



croquetas de jamón serrano   9
bechamel croquettes with serrano ham

patatas bravas 8
fried potatoes with a spicy sauce & aioli

pan con tomate 7
garlic bread with fresh tomato

espinacas con garbanzos 7
chickpeas with spinach

pimientos 9
grilled peppers with maldon salt

gambas al ajillo 17
garlic shrimp with parsley & adobo

brochetas de cordero 18
lamb skewers marinated in garlic & mint, served with red pepper mole sauce

chicharron 12

spicy deep fried pork belly


carpaccio 20
thin sliced beef with capers, red onion & garlic dijon vinaigrette

alitas de pollo 13
chicken wings, calabrian pepper sauce, house made blue cheese dressing, served with pinzimonio

lomo de Cerdo 13
grilled pork tenderloin with sautéed peppers, onions & served with salsa verde

costillas de cerdo 18
smoked baby back ribs, adobo sauce and toasted almonds

queso y aceitunas 18
cheese & olives

aceitunas y anchoas blancas 10
olive & white anchovies

champiñones al la parilla 10
grilled, marinated trumpet mushrooms served with chimichurri



paella with bomba rice and your choice of:
- vegetarian
18   - shrimp 24    - chicken 20
- sausage 22       -all meat 24

barbacoa 28
braised beef, tomato rice, lima beans, peppers, onions, served with a barbacoa sauce